Friday, October 22, 2010

What's inspiring my next project?

Lots of color.  I subscribe to a few fashion magazines.  Do I ever plan on buying an original Armani or BCBG outfit or Prada shoes? Nope.  The only thing I have ever purchased after seeing it in a fashion magazine was probably a cosmetic seen in an advertisement.

Often the advertisements is what takes my notice in the fashion magazines. Are there even any articles in them? LOL. Yes, I know there are a few articles sprinkled in amongst the advertisements.

The marketing geniuses behind all the advertisements, though, have likely done a little bit of homework about trends. I like to leaf through the magazines and see if I can spot any themes, especially themes that I like.  Now, there certainly are hundreds of colors shown in the magazines but look at the gorgeous colors I found in the latest few issues from more than one magazine.  Teal blue/green.  I also spotted another color theme, but it didn't interest me as much as the teal.

After pulling these images, I whipped up two swatches and laid them on top of the color collage and photographed the assemblage to keep and jog my memory for future work.

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