Monday, October 18, 2010

Catching up

 My younger step-sister, Amy, got married in Orlando last week.  Poor us, we had to go.  We had skipped a summer vacation so that we could turn Amy and Kris' wedding into our family vacation.  Above, I had to get a family photo as it is so rare for all of use to be polished up at the same time.  I realized it was the first time my little guy had worn a shirt that required ironing. :)  Chickee had a gorgeous brown dress that looked so lovely with her brown eyes and blond hair.
 The wedding was literally 5 minutes from Disney.  Tom and I figured it would be cruel to drive the kids all the way to Orlando, see Disney from the road and not visit.  Here are a few photos from the Magic Kingdom.
 Chickee had fun driving the cars in Tomorrowland.
This giant Mickey Jack-o-lantern was the inspiration for one of our family jack-o-lanterns.  I'll share photos soon.

As far as crochet I made good progress on a blanket all the way to Orlando, but then all progress stopped as we were involved in fun.  Today, I'm desperately hoping to make some serious progress and get back into a productive rhythm. 

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