Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Raspberry Knit Ascot!

This yarn is just so gorgeous! It's Scarlet Fleece in the color "Coffee and Raspberry Pie". I love raspberries. This would only be better if it were named, "Chocolate and Raspberry sorbet" because I don't do coffee and I don't do pie... unless it's chocolate pudding pie or the occasional piece of pumpkin or apple pie... Graeter's Ice Cream in Cincinnati makes an incredible 'Black Raspberry Chip" ice cream... oh, I'd better start talking about the scarf...

It's an intermediate (because of the increases and decreases) KNIT ribbed scarf edged with garter stitch and it has two narrow spots at either end for convenient tying. I think I have worn it everyday since I photographed it. I told you awhile back that my latest favorite color is Magenta... this definitely feels magenta to me.

It's my first knit pattern, but never fear, I had it professionally tech edited.
$2.99 USD for the PDF pattern. Adobe or other PDF reader is required to view the PDF on your computer.

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