Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Adopt a Crochet Designer

Are you a reader of CrochetbyFaye, Robyn Chachula? you should be :)

Robyn has come up with a brilliant and positive response to a bummer of a situation. She, like most of us designers, have at one time or another had our work stolen or pirated. In response, she is asking for consumers to 'Adopt a Designer'. With little or no investment, show a crochet designer some love! Read all the details on her 3/2/10 post. She "adopted" the fantastic Kristin Omdahl, author of the new book Crochet So Fine.

I'm going to "adopt" someone you may not have heard of... Kimberly McAlindin!
Kimberly is doing some great work in knit and crochet. If you click on her name, it will take you to her blog. She's also a friend of crochet designer, Tammy Hildebrand, and any friend of Tammy's is a friend of mine. Her latest design just popped up in the Caron Newsletter, that you may have received yesterday. Here is the photo of Kimberly's Design, the Lobito Jacket:


Kimberly said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME ELLEN!!!! You are the greatest, I can't wait to hang with you in person in July! Thank you, thank you so much..

Ellen Gormley said...

You're welcome, Kimberly. I noticed your work long before I knew who you were. I think you had a two-tone green crocheted tank on the back of an Interweave issue, in a Tahki ad? That's the first one I noticed. Can't wait to meet you in person!

stufenzumgericht said...

What a nice idea, and that's exactly what I've done a little bit, when I posted on my blog about your CAL, surching for other german ;-) bloggers to join me. Heidi just ordered your pattern an is going to crochet the shawl, too. She also told about the CAL on her blog and perhaps by this, the story will go on...
Yours, Martina

Ellen Gormley said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Martina and Heidi. I'm grateful for your support and encouragement. :)