Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Our holiday festivities begin today, so just a short note, then I'll be taking a few days off of blogging. (I'll still be crocheting!)

My part of the The Zoe one-day dress is complete. I am having a tester test it for me. If there is anyone out there dying to make it and you have the Lion cotton-ease on hand, and you can make it by 1/2/10, send me a comment with your email address (I won't publish it) and we'll see if we can work it out.

Change in comment policy.... I will no longer be publishing comments that include links. It is just too uncertain for the readers. I don't know where the link leads. Also, there is no way to 'edit' out a link from a comment. I either have to publish it exactly as it is or don't publish it at all... You may, however list your Ravelry name, if you have one, and people can find your blog or sites if you have them listed on your Ravelry home page.

Don't forget to start making your crochet goals for 2010! That's what we'll be discussing next week. Also next week, I'll be combining all of my receipts and ledgers to see what's what for 2009.

Today, we just had chocolate chip pancakes (yum), then we have to make a quick run to the grocery store (heaven help me). Hopefully, I'll get to crochet for an hour or two before we begin the party!

I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas!

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