Monday, December 14, 2009

Chickee Making Cookies

It's been baking central at our house! Chief got in on the action too, but here is Chickee making sugar cookies. We also made 2 kinds of chocolate cookies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered Oreo's and chocolate covered marshmallows (are you noticing a theme here?) LOL. We also made several batches of banana I missing some? It's just fun. We send a big box assortment of everything... oh yeah! Buckeyes... that's what I was forgetting! Those of you not from the midwest may not recognize Buckeyes. You may know the dark brown (poisonous) nut from the Buckeye tree that is native to Ohio (hence the 'Buckeye state'). We make a candy that is peanut butter, butter, powered sugar, rolled into a ball and dipped in chocolate, leaving just the top peanut butter exposed so that it resembles the Buckeye nut. Think Reese' cup only more rich.

Anyway, we send a big boxed assortment of candies and cookies to Captain's work every year for him to share. The rest just gets sampled through the season.

Never fear, I crocheted a great deal over the weekend as well. A little of this, a little of that. I'm making a Sunny Spread blanket, in white, for a friend to give her granddaughter as a Christmas gift. Only one more square to go then I can start assembly. The Sunny Spread blankets is one of the most popular of my blanket designs and you can see it here, on my gallery page. It's more than halfway down, the yellow blanket on the white bed. All the photos on the gallery page you can click for more information and if it is available for PDF purchase.

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Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

I'm desperately trying to get everyone healthy so we can do our baking. Each year we send a tray of goodies to our pediatrician and vet offices. We also wrap up a few goodies for the mail lady, the garbage guy, the bus driver and the hair stylists. If I don't share the love, it just goes to my hips!LOL! Have a great day! :o) Haley