Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Crochet Library

On Ravelry, one of my new friends asked me which book in my Ravelry library is my favorite? Here's my reply:

Thank you for the nice compliment. That's a hard question! I like different books for different reasons. For design, I like Maggie Righetti Sweater Design book. (Even though it's about knit, it still helps with crochet). The Stitch n' Bitch Nation has the best explanation of how to calculate gauge. Everyday Crochet is the best set of wearable Crochet Patterns with fantastic explanations about how to adjust the basic shapes to personal taste. Blueprint Crochet is so innovative in it's use of symbol crochet, (and the garments are gorgeous). I have gone back to the Encyclopedia of Crochet several times in learning new techniques. The Stitch Bible probably gets the most use in my house. It's a good starting point, then I customize the stitch pattern for what I want or it inspires me and is a good at getting my creative brain "unstuck".

Of course, I think the best value are magazines... for the price of one book, you get a year full (usually 6 issues) of patterns (15-20) each plus great variety, articles, etc. Yes, it's hit or miss if you are going to "love" what's in a particular issue, but when you find a magazine that fits your style, it's a good bet you'll like something.

That blur is Chickee with the ball. She scored a goal that game and played very well. yay Chickee!

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