Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On the hooks...

On the hooks today... I have a garment that probably has as many stitches as a blanket! It's going so slowly...but it should be worth it! Also on the hooks, a blanket, which will hopefully go much more quickly than the garment. Of course, there are several other projects in various stages of progress, but these are the two that I am pushing to get done asap. I'm also vascillating on whether or not I want to send out a particular submission. I just can't decide. It's one of those things where you hope it gets accepted but at the same time, I'm afraid it will get accepted...then I'll have to do it. LOL.

This is one of the horses who lives in our side field. "Little Dude" got out of the field and wandered into our backyard to munch on the lush grass. I called the owners who couldn't come get him for a little while, so I go out there with a small bucket of apples hoping to cajole him back into his yard. He totally ignored me. I put an apple under his nose and he ate it, but when I showed him the bucket and tried to get him to follow me...he totally ignored me! I went and petted him and I even nudged him a bit but no, he wasn't having it. Oh well. I had to get the kids ready to leave for some reason and as I left, we passed the owners arriving. I was concerned that he would wander off, but really, why would he when he was feasting on a fresh yard of grass? Horse whisperer, I am not.

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Sara said...

Beautiful horse! Horses are smart, while the apple was a good idea, he may have been a sugar cube man.