Friday, February 20, 2009

Design Journey: CAL Tote

I don't have a photo for you yet. I've changed my mind about the oval base. I decided that I really didn't like how "long" the rounded ends are. So I've changed back to a boring square base but I'm going to work texture and color change into the bag body. So, if you can get past the boring sc base, it will get more fun after that. I kind of like the boring, mindless, fields of stitching sometimes. Anyway. I decided on a stitch pattern I want to use for the body, so that meant I had to get to the right multiple (in this case a multiple of 3) when working the first row that goes around the base. The base is worked in rows, then I'm switching to rounds, which needs to be a multiple of 3. The color work that I'm thinking about it will be "intarsia" style, where you let the ball of yarn hang off the back until you come around to it again. It will be a very easy, "introduction" into the concept of intarsia, nothing to fret about, you can do it!

I've also decided to make the bag a little bigger. The bigger bag means that I need to re-think the handles, because now the handles are too small in proportion. If I'm doing a big bag, I want the yarn to be affordable (and something from my stash). In this case, I have the ideal yarn, in a wide array of colors, so I am using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, in violet and lime. You will be able to use any color or yarn you like. For a similar substitute, you can use TLC Cotton Plus, which has a nice sheen, or Lily Sugar n' Cream, which is a perennial favorite, or Red Heart Creme de la creme or Red Heart Carefree Cotton. But I am using the Lion Cotton-Ease because I love the matte finish, it's soft, I have plenty of it, it comes in a great variety of colors and because last year Lion sent me a huge box of it for no apparent reason, and I'm glad they did. I have made several projects out of that box and a few of which you will see in March. Oh, you will also see some Lily Sugar n'Cream revealed in March too!

Ok, back to the subject at hand. I'm still toying with the solutions for the handles and closures. I'm thinking about attempting a zipper. Anyone want to venture into zipper-land with me? Anyone know the standard sizes for zippers? I would be thinking more the 18-22" size. I need to think about this. I've done a zipper one time before, but I used an awl and crocheted into the zipper fabric. Zippers can be intimidating for crocheters, so I need to decide if the zipper is the ideal closure for this project.

I gotta run, I'll try to post some sort of photo later.

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WoolenKisses said...

I believe zipper lengths tend to be (in inches), 16, 18, 20, 24, 26. I don't think there's a 22.