Monday, February 9, 2009

Design Journey: CAL tote

Yep, it's me in my jammies. (Chickee snuck up on me with the camera).

I'm working on it! Hear me out... I'm making my prototype really big, (this is the base above 23" long) with a big hook in wool, because I'm going to felt it so that it won't show as many mistakes. Then, after I have used the felted prototype to help me work out the bugs, I'll remake the bag in another yarn (likely a cotton or cotton/acrylic blend like Lion Cotton-Ease) with a much smaller hook, to make a denser fabric, and hopefully the bag will still be bigger than a purse. This is my plan. Then, I will write the pattern and give the hooks needed to do either the felted version or the non-felted version. This way, I get my felting fix, I get to "practice" on a prototype before making the non-felted pattern that the majority of you would prefer.

On another note, Thank you to O Fil de lo for "tagging" my blog as one that she likes. I checked out her crochet blog and it is very elegant, go check her out at: O fil de lo

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