Thursday, November 30, 2017

How many?

Occasionally, I clean my office. It's tough to clean my office because it sends me down memory lane. Oh! I remember that yarn... I bought it at CGOA in 2014. I had big plans of designing a top-down sweater with it!  And oh yeah! I forgot I bought that luscious hank of hand-painted yarn because I couldn't resist the color... I had no plan for it but I knew that I HAD to have it.

How many of you, like me, have abandoned single skeins in your closet? They are too good to get rid of but the plan for creating from them just hasn't happened.

How many, would you guess, single skeins do you have in your yarn closet?

Do they have memories for you like souvenirs like mine do? Where is your most obscure skein from?


Roberta D. said...

A skein of hand woven silk yarn from a monthly knitting club. I am waiting for the perfect idea or pattern to come along.

Ellen Gormley said...

oooh! Sounds lovely, Roberta! What color is it? How many yards?