Thursday, July 20, 2017

Consistent Effort

Not every week can have closure. Not every week brings a check. Not every week has a reveal. Some weeks are just consistent effort toward a bigger goal. So, not much progress to report but progress none-the-less.

Here's a random chicken photo of the four chickens we have left. A baby raccoon and her mother found their way into our coop and ate two chickens a few weeks ago. I walked into the coop to find the baby napping and the mother out. The remaining 4 chickens hanging out with the baby raccoon waiting for their turn for the masked bandits to get hungry again. I was able to get the 4 out of the carnage and into a safe spot until the Captain came home to evict the baby raccoon and reset the coop. :(  Interesting that the three oldest chickens, including the lame black one, survived and the younger ones were lost.

Maybe being an old bird has it's advantages.

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