Friday, May 19, 2017

A Garden of Shawls

Karen Whooley has done it again! Designer, teacher, author, Karen Whooley has once again succeeded in creating a collection of crochet patterns that are beautiful and accessible. It's her 20th book!

The details: It's 92 pages, hardcopy and digital copies are available. It's 12 inspired patterns. Many of them have rhythmic stitch patterns paired with eye-catching edgings. They are constructed in different methods and they are all beautiful. (And there are charts!)

Solar takes advantage of the current trend of gorgeous gradation using Black Trillium Fibre Studio Yarn.
(Photo: Anne Podlesak)

I think Violaceous would be so enjoyable to work! And of course, the color speaks to me. Again in Black Trillium yarn... (maybe I'd better get to know that yarn a little better!)

(Photo: Anne Podlesak)

Many of them have integrated edgings which I just LOVE. I love the concept of stitching the edging side to side as the project is worked.  Just look at Briar, below, made in Bare Naked Wools, Chebris Lace.

(Photo: Anne Podlesak)

It's already selling like hotcakes and I can see why. The projects are just hard enough to be intriguing but easy enough that they aren't impossible. Check it out!

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