Thursday, March 17, 2016

Power Purls Podcast and Crochet! Giveaway

Don't you love podcasts? And podcasts about our favorite hobbies are the best because you can stitch away while listening! It's very efficient crafting!
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Kara Gott Warner, editor of Creative Knitting, interviewed me recently for the Power Purls Podcast. We talked about many great things including some TRENDS that I see happening in crochet.

Here are some highlights:  Ellen’s eureka moment that led to a crochet design career.
  • Lesson learned- don’t go against your grain.
  • How a $100 investment turned into the beginning of her designing career.
  • The pay off of persistence– 1 year and 100 designs later led to a big payoff. Persistence is everything!
  • Why it’s important to study pattern books and magazines of publishers you want to work with.
  • Keep going until you get a YES.
  • A look behind-the-scenes at the fast and furious pace of the Annie’s PBS television series, Knit and Crochet Now!
  • Ellen shares the details about her “bridge from knit to crochet” scarflette design in Creative Knitting magazine.
  • Why Ellen considers herself more of a curator rather than editor.
  • Instead of finding work/life balance, Ellen refers to this as “taking turns.”
Click here for the interview and the details on how to enter to win a 1-year subscription to Crochet! Entries are due 3/21, So HURRY!

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