Thursday, December 10, 2015

Working with Black Yarn

Working with black yarn is tough. It's hard to see, but I love it. Do you work with black yarn? 


Susan Dougill said...

I have to use a lite hook otherwise I can't see the stitches. It works for me and the effect of black can be amazing. I love what you are working on.

Mary Chris Hannon said...

After a few projects with black yarn, I decided to never use dark yarn again. Of course I do, but I make sure I have a light available. If all else fails, hold the project up to the light.

Susan's suggestion of a lite colored hook is a good one and I will give it a try.

AECDesigns said...

I find knitting with black yarn MUCH easier than crocheting with it. I think the stitches just show up better when there's a needle running through it. I tried crocheting with some sock-weight black yarn once. Yeah ... that was a bad, bad idea. ;)