Monday, September 21, 2015

I'm 168th!

I have a theory that being below average at a task is somewhat stressful because you want to be better but are struggling. Being better than average at a task can me stressful because there is pressure to "stay there" or fear of losing it since you are "known" for being above average.

When it comes to running, I am wonderfully average.

There is no real pressure to perform except the pressure I put on myself to get better and stronger. There is no way I could compete with the top runners so I applaud them in awe of their talents.

I'm securely in the middle of the pack.

On the Air Force Half Marathon this weekend (13.1 miles), out of the 415 women aged 40-44, I came in 168th.  LOL  There's just no sense in comparing myself to 25 year olds...  (Comparison is the thief of joy).   I'll take it!  Whoo Hoo!  I'm 168th! 

Here is my step-sister Amber, who flew up from Florida for race weekend and me with our friend Roger after we all finished the Air Force Half Marathon. Amber is definitely not average (well above!).  This is my second official Half Marathon race and I have another one scheduled next month.

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Lucile said...

Good job and Well Done
You can be proud of what you achieve ! When do you come to France and run with me the Paris Half Marathon (just let me the time to train a little bit more than actually ,)

Is not not too much to have 1 half marathon race on the next month (in term of recovery ?)

Wish you a wonderful day !