Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Are blogs still popular? Let's discuss!

This blog has totally been neglected since I began working for Crochet!  But, in general, (having nothing to do with my blog)... have blogs lost popularity as a crochet resource?  Do you read more blogs than a year or two ago? Fewer blogs than a year or two ago?
Do you want to tell me about some great crochet blogs you DO read? What do you love about them?
Let's discuss! 

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Qiana Cobb Sinnie said...

I actually read more blogs now than I did a few years ago. Even more so now since I have started blogging. They are very useful for me as a crochet resource in addition to Ravelry. So in my humble opinion I don't think they are losing popularity. However, I will say that I have seen some bloggers be more active on their Instagram accounts than on their blogs. I still love to read someone else's musings on crochet :)

Jodiebodie said...

I second Qiana Cobb Sinnie's observations with more bloggers opening up Instagram accounts.. that seems to be the thing - perhaps Instagram is less laborious because it involves posting up a picture without the need to write a lot to go with it...
but I am a reader! I prefer to read blogs...and I am reading more blogs now than ever.

As for Instagram, I do not have an Instagram account and have no plans to get one - my computer is old and slow when it comes to photos, particularly high definition photos, they take too long to load. I have no time for that.

A blog, however, generally loads quickly and I enjoy the words which reveal the personality of the writer. I enjoy meeting people and blogging for me is a way of meeting other people who are as passionate about crochet as I am.

I love the interaction that blogs provide, unlike static web sites. Questions can be asked of the blog writer or points clarified via comments for the benefit of everyone else who can read them too.

I won't be giving up the blogosphere any time soon but if the only thing a blog offers is a direction to "check out photos on Instagram" without so much as a picture or description on the blog, then I'm gone! If you want to share with your blog followers, then share it on the blog and not on Instagram.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, a blog can be publicly available without signing up for a specific account as a prerequisite for access. There are many people who just enjoy web browsing and don't want the hassle of a multitude of social media accounts.

I hope these are useful insights for you, Ellen.