Monday, October 27, 2014

Guess Who?

Guess who decided to try crochet again? I'm trying to stay calm... after 2 years of no interest, Chickee asked if she could make a blanket.

She has made 6 granny squares in 2 days. Squee!  She chose Caron Simply Soft in light blue, light purple and cream. I'm holding my fingers crossed that she keeps going! The best news is that she pretty much remembered everything I had taught her a few years ago and with a little refresher she was off and stitching without help.  I guess crocheting really is like riding a bike!  My main goal, when introducing crafts to the kids, was that later in life they will be able to turn to crafts for fun, leisure, and comfort. SCORE!


Kath said...

That's great. I wish I could get back to crocheting.

Kath said...

I'm "Very Happy For You.

Jodiebodie said...

Congratulations, Ellen! That is encouraging. I hope my Ms just-turned-13 will return to her half-crocheted amigurumi kitten that has a head but no body (after almost a year of disinterest).
Good idea to stay calm, too, you wise woman - don't want to scare her off the idea!