Sunday, September 21, 2014

What to do?

So, Chief wants a new blanket. He loves his black and orange striped blanket that I made out of Caron Simply Soft.

(oh! here is a gratuitous cat photo. I call this one "Double Decker Cats".  Charlie on top and Minnie underneath.)

Ok, back to my question. Chief wants another blanket in Caron Simply Soft. Do I design something new and possibly use it in a publication (and he'll GET it in like a year). OR do I re-make one of my previous designs or just improvise something and he gets it sooner.

What would you do? Design something new or hurry up and re-make something old?


Anonymous said...

hurry up...and make it, he is getting older and enjoy it while he appreciates what you make


claireg said...

Do something that you have done in the past and liked enough to do again. Crocheting or Knitting is like an old friend that you haven't visited in a while that you would like to revisit. That is the pattern to use.

Karen McKenna said...

Either repeat an old faithful or try a new easy pattern. I like making others patterns for a change once in awhile.