Thursday, June 5, 2014

Why I run

Almost 3 years ago I started walking on a trail around the kids' soccer practice field... because it was there... and it was too hot to crochet. At some point, I thought I'll just walk 50 steps, run 50 steps, and see what happens. I thought, I'll walk all the hills and run all the flat parts.

In the span of a soccer season, I became a runner.

I'm still not exactly sure why I continue to run. It's hard. It's not fun exactly, but I keep doing it. Over time, I've gotten a little better.  I'm definitely stronger. I'm definitely faster than I was. I'm still not fast. I'm still not talented, but I can do it. Sometimes I stop and walk, more and more often lately, I don't. I've started to skip certain meals some nights in favor of better ones because I know they won't make me feel happy when I run the next day.

I like collecting medals. I like being able to say, "I ran today".

I always hated running when I was a kid and tried to get out of it whenever possible. Now I get grumpy if I have gone a few days without running. I'm not outdoorsy and yet I have found myself running in everything between 12 degrees and 90. I even ran in the rain once. (Who IS this person?)

I keep running, so I must like it. Do what works.


Bailey said...

Great accomplishment

RedSetter said...

Well done to you,