Monday, November 18, 2013

Many Updates and Random Kitten photos

Minnie the Couch cat....

4 months old

What's up with me?

I'm doing my Author Review for Book 4... which is now listed on AMAZON! Add it to your wishlist or sign up for an alert when it is ready.

Yarn is arriving for my next Annie's Online Class...

I'm currently stitching on Book 5, which is due at the end of the year... (breathe!)

And I've just chosen projects and yarns for the Autumn 2014 issue of Crochet!

On the personal side of things...

I'm co-coaching Chickee's volleyball team...

I'm preparing to run (for the second year...) the Annual Thanksgiving Day 10K race.

and the Captain and I just celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary. 

What's new with you?

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