Monday, October 14, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Knit and Crochet Now

We taped the 5th Season of Knit and Crochet Now last week.

Here is Kathy, a camera operator, who was helping set up the stage. The table is the table we use when demonstrating projects, but it is protected by a cloth while the crew looks at photos of seasons past to update the set back-drop. There is Keisha, an intern, in the background. 

 When I'm standing at the table during a taping, if I look to my left, I see this big video monitor with me on it. (I try not to look that way!  It's kinda like a mirror during childbirth, I really didn't want to see it happening....) LOL

Me goofing around.  The pictures on the wall behind me eventually came down, because when we are standing at the table taping, the pictures on the wall were "framing" our heads, looking like square halos. So the crew took them down. in the show, the mannequins are dressed.

 When I stand at the taping table, I'm wearing running shoes... with every outfit.... no matter how fancy.  The floor is concrete and all the standing can get tiring.

 Here's the whole set from the back of the studio.  Sometimes we have observers hanging out back here. Sometimes we watch each other tape from here or in the control room. We also have a monitor running in the "work room" so we can crochet and knit and prep while watching the other segments film.
Here I am with the lovely Amanie right before my first segment. Amanie has won a few Emmy's (I don't know exactly how many...) for her make-up artistry.  Every time I tape, I have her tell me a few more products I need to add to my home make-up bag. It's really a treat to have an expert tell you EXACTLY what to buy, because really, for me it's just a guess.

The crew were teasing me about my "Texas" sized hair, but looking at it now, it really wasn't too big. 

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