Thursday, May 16, 2013

What was I thinking? Mystic Fog Scarf

 The Mystic Fog Beaded Scarf is one of the 6 Crochet projects in my Annie's Online class, Crocheting with Beads.

What was I thinking?  I was thinking about the fog we get here on the River in Southern Ohio. Universal Swiss Mohair was the perfect yarn for this project. Warm and weightless both substantial and airy at the same time.  For this scarf, you will pre-string the beads and they will hang on the yarn like droplets of moisture on the curtain of fog.
In my online classes, I always want to teach as much as I can. So in addition to learning  how to crochet the beads on to double crochets (for this project), this scarf also teaches how to read a symbol diagram.  I'm thinking, after learning the technique, you might also know how to put a keyhole in other row projects.  
 I was thinking with this scarf, that I wanted an easy to memorize stitch pattern.  I wanted a pattern that you could customize and place the keyhole wherever and whenever you want it.  It would be very easy to make the scarf longer.  I love the ascot length though.  It's very instant gratification. Also, beads do add weight to a project. When you have a light (not heavy) yarn, you don't want to pull it down too much and take away it's lofty nature.

That's 6 projects and all the techniques you can use over and over in all your crochet projects for $24.95. In other projects, beads are added to single crochet to hang on both the wrong side and right side of the crocheted fabric.  I also teach "hitched on" beading when you add beads to the crochet as you go instead of pre-stringing them. I like that technique too and liken it to "painting" with beads.

Would you like a few more details about the project? See the Ravelry project page for the Mystic Fog Scarf.  For more details on my two online classes, Crocheting with Beads and Learn to Crochet ($19.95) go to and click on "online classes".  Photos of all the projects and a preview of the classes are there.


Anonymous said...

Pretty scarf! Universal Swiss Mohair is discontinued, but a lot have it stashed. Paton's Grace might be a good substitute, which is what the picture looks like, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant Patons Lace in the Patina colorway