Sunday, December 23, 2012

Coupon for Learn Bruges Lace!

What to review Learn Bruges Lace and enter the prize giveaway? Do you need the book first? Here's a coupon! If I read it right, it's 25% off the list price of $9.95.

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Learn Bruges Lace Learn Bruges Lace
Learn how to crochet using the Bruges lace techniques, and get 8 fashionable crochet patterns in Learn Bruges Lace by Ellen Gormley!Create colorful and lacy crochet hats, scarves, bracelets and more. Most forms of crochet lace are made using only a neutral color, but Bruges lace can be made in pieces and units before being stitched together. So it's easy to incorporate multiple colors in these crochet designs. Learn Bruges Lace gives you:; Easy, step-by step instructions and full-color photos for 10 Bruges lace stitch patterns.; 8 crochet designs by Ellen Gormley for you to practice your new techniques and create a stylish throw and fashionable accessories.; The opportunity to create amazing results using basic crochet stitches.; Symbol crochet instructions for all stitch patterns and projects.56 pages, all color.

Learn Bruges Lace Learn Bruges Lace


MarieAnge said...

I don't see or can't find the coupon. Am I missing it?? :)

Ellen Gormley said...

Sorry, I must have done it wrong when I tried to paste in the information. geez, I need a web guru.