Friday, September 21, 2012

Photo Friday (Chain Link Photos!)

Every year there is a "Dance Party" at the Knit and Crochet show.  Doris Chan pumps out the music and the rest of us hang on for the ride. Above (L-R) is Amy Shelton, Kathleen Sams and Margaret Hubert "table dancing".
 Here, (L-R) is Amy Curtin, Karen Whooley, and Laurie Wheeler (from the CLF).
 ok, this requires a little explanation... do you resemble this? Start thinking stitch diagrams... (L-R) is Melanie, Jenny King, Vashti Braha, me, and Linda Dean.  Doris played "YMCA" and I said to Linda, I think I'm doing the "C" backwards, and Linda said something to the effect of 'what does it matter we can pretend it is a symbol diagram' or something... which made us all start going into spontaneous yoga-style symbol diagrams.... So above is a.....  5 double crochet cluster....can you guess the next one?

The legs indicate one yarn over...  yep, it's a 5 double crochet shell... ok, you can guess the next one...

 Gee, what could it be?    A Popcorn stitch!

 Ok, we were short two people who were willing to participate...   but does it resemble a filet mesh pattern, perhaps?  Closed square, open square, closed square?  Ah, the geeky crochet humor. And believe it or not an embarrassingly low amount of alcohol was consumed.... this is all sober friends...

The moral of the story is that what happens in Reno doesn't apparently stay in Reno because if Reno is Vegas' little sister, doesn't the little sister always tattle?


captainhook said...

Love the human stitches! Absolutely got the filet crochet. Fun!

Bethel of Bethania said...

Ohh... this looks like so much Fun... so pleased you had such a FABulOUS time...
Looks like the little sister might of had heaps to tell... ha ha
Go Girls Go... <3