Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday, Monday

Many of you like it when I write each weekday. Today is one of those days when I don't have much to report! 

On my to-do list this week are many mundane tasks...
June came and went, so my half-year check of my balance sheets is in order.  Making sure I've been paid, sending out 2nd notices, making sure I haven't been slacking off on my basic accounting.
My mid-year reflection on 2012 goals needs to happen.  I love seeing that I accomplished things that never even made it on to my list!  One thing that happened, that will reveal in September, I hadn't even dreamed was possible to know to put it on the list!  (Very cool). 

I'm in the midst of a set of 3 projects that all have to go out ASAP. I need to write the pattern for the Carlotta Crescent Shawl. (OH!  I can write about that tomorrow!)  I need to get a submission or two together, ASAP.  I have a past project that the buyer wants another one in a 2nd color, ASAP. It's all part of the business.

While I'm doing all those things, Chief has a check-up on his broken arm (Did I tell you he broke it again? the same one.)  Chickee has to be run back and forth to volleyball camp all week. Both have swim team practice, so just another boring week ;)

Here's a flashback photo. This is the Girl Scout trip to Washington DC last month.  We visited the Arlington National Cemetery's Women in Military Services for America Memorial. The girls wrote cards and drew pictures to send to women currently deployed and were able to deposit them here for shipping. 

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