Monday, April 2, 2012

Half Motifs

This weekend I worked on unraveling the mysteries of "half motifs".  That is, to take a motif, and make only a fraction of it. The smaller fraction pieces are then used to "fill-in" generally around the edges of a project.  For example the irregular shape of a hexagon blanket can be 'squared off' by filling in the edge gaps with half motifs. Also, fraction motifs can be used in garments to help make a neckline into a "V-neck".
Here are two from my book. The one on the left is half of the Rose Octagon. The one on the right is half of the Wrought Iron Hexagon.  Of course this can also be done with squares. Squares can be made in half or cut on the diagonal to make triangles. Have half and partial motifs mystified you? Have you shied away from them?

To clarify,  this book doesn't teach half motifs (would you like to learn?) But I took full motifs from my book and played around with the halves. 


SpringSplndr said...

I'd love to learn how to take a motif and figure out the half. I'd also like to know if working in rows on the half motif would significantly change the look of a full motif worked in rounds.

Mary Sarah said...

I'd love to learn this. Love it!

Vero said...

eres una genia!!!!que maravilla,amor y paz en tu vida