Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vacation & Giveaway

It appears I took an unintentional vacation from blogging!  I didn't mean to...  I have been thinking of you dear readers. I even took photos for you the other day of one of my secret projects.  I have begun joining yarn differently than I had been previously and I intend to tell you about it, so I took photos.  I have been wrapping up a very busy March.  (I can't ever remember being this busy this early in the year... generally January and February are somewhat slow, but this year it has been very busy). 

Last year, I did "March Madness" where I "set my hooks free" and let myself have a month of designing at whim with no deadlines.  Well, that didn't happen this year. I have one more project this month, then I'm going to have an "Awesome April" (but only for 10-14 days, because I can't take "off" the whole month this year).  I just hope it doesn't end up being an "April Fools" joke on myself.

Last year in March Madness, I designed the Bruges Skirts, the Bruges 'Wintergreen' Cowl and another Bruges piece that you will see soon (All published by Interweave) ... I'm trying to think of what else I did last March, but it was very productive and I'm hoping that this productivity happens again in my Awesome first part of April.

 Today might be the last day to enter Ravelry's HUGE mega book giveaway. They are giving 25 lucky winners prize packs of 26 books each!  All you have to do is take the tour of Ravelry's new and improved library feature.  Here's the link Of course, my book is in the prize pack along with Robyn Chachula's book and Linda Permann's and a several other crochet books along with many beautiful knit books.  The winners will be notified by email on Friday, so enter today.

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Marswork said...

I love the Bruges cowl -- is it already published or still coming up? Thank you SO MUCH for reminding me about the book giveaway; I saw it when I returned from vacation on Sunday, but I didn't do it then and haven't been on the site for a few days!