Monday, December 12, 2011


Don't worry, knitting is not taking away from my crochet time.  This hat, is part of the Circular knitting class "Circular Knit Lab: Hats Four Ways" with Stefanie Japel on Craftsy.  I love the Craftsy class forum. This is the second hat in the class and it has taken me (cough, 3 months?) to finish?  Because of course, crochet has to come first.  But still I love learning and I love knitting and I'm thrilled to have a finished project. Though I did a gauge swatch, my hat is a little big, so I'm not sure who gets it :)

 Chickee started a new knit scarf, alternating rows of garter and stockinette, so I got inspired. I grabbed a beautiful little hank of Louet (uh oh, what was it....) Eastport? Alpaca. Lovely.

And when I say it was a little hank, I mean little!  This is the entire hank.  I'm going to have to get a little decorative broach to pin this scarf on. It's only about 18-20" (a guess) long. But, wow is it soft.


fatima said...

I am a keen crocheter, but I'd love to be able to knit too. I made a jumper about 25 years ago with simple knit and purl stitches, but haven't tried it since.
I love your hat and 'scarf'. Well done.

Nancy said...

They look good, Ellen!! I've made a few things with the Louets before and really like how it works up!