Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Inspiration: Tipsy Blanket

What was I thinking?

First, I'm thinking that this poor blanket hasn't gotten enough attention.  It's not or Ravelry, it's not in a magazine, BUT it was one of the Bonus patterns for Crochet! Magazine subscribers, including all CGOA members. To get the pattern, as a CGOA member, go to the Crochet! Magazine website, Here. On the left info bar it says, "CGOA log-in" or "subscriber log-in" put in your CGOA membership number or your subscriber number and it will take you to the special bonus features. On the right, a little down my Tipsy Blanket is under "Web Bonuses".  Also under that tab is my Yo-yo purse (also not on Ravelry, guess I should get on that?). They are both under "September 2011".

Ok, back to 'What was I thinking?'

 Here's the original swatch.  (I love blue and purple together, don't you? perhaps not these vibrant shades, but still).
Now that I look at it, with the tail hanging off, it looks like a sting-ray!  But back then, what I was thinking was that I was in the mood to be Asymmetrical.  (you get that from me from time to time, the Jiggling Circles Lap Throw, for example, or the Off-Center Motif in the book, Go Crochet! Afghan Design Workbook, or the Asymmetrical Waves Throw . 
 All examples of how I like to get off center occasionally.  LOL.  So much of crochet is about symmetry and balance, keeping the piece even.  To push myself to be more creative, I like to go off balance with the work.  In these instances, I feel that I am 'freeform'.  I like to break the assumptions of what is expected.  It does make writing the instructions more difficult, but why can't we have an unbalanced project or motif occasionally? In the Tipsy blanket, above, I wanted the impression of falling leaves, so the motifs are not all oriented the same way.  The motifs are all the same color because it allows you to see the subtle movement of the motifs from row to row.
The rigid border makes it look like you are watching falling leaves from the interior of your home through a window.  (See, all that structure... I'm not ready to go completely off the freeform deep end... just a little... in a controlled way....)  Like my architect husband, who can draw whatever he wants, he still has to make the building STAND. With crochet, I can push it, but is still has to be able to be written.  I guess we aren't that different.


Miss Julep said...

This is really pretty! I love it!!

crazymotheringchick said...

I do like this. Loving your book. So many projects, so little time....