Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guest Blogger: Laurie Wheeler

Raise your hooks!
by Laurie Wheeler

Hooksters are you ready? 2011 is our year! I have heard of six separate exciting book projects due for publication later this year, I can’t say who or what projects but I know they are in the works! How do I know? I’m Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front (CLF), I hear all, see all, and know most things crochet related.  (Kinda cool huh?)
The CLF has degreed 2011 the start of the decade of crochet! Ellen Gormley was kind enough to allow me to hijack her blog to announce this! The CLF owes a great debt to our beloved member GoCrochet (aka Ellen), for being the mind behind the wonderful Flamie Awards.
What are the Flamies?
The Annual Crochet Awards, now in its third year, is the height of crochet goodness! Members of the Crochet Liberation Front nominate the best of the best when it comes to crochet design, designers, books, magazines, blogs, online magazines, podcasts, crochet hooks, videos, as well as the most crochet friendly yarn companies. The Flaming Hook of Justice is awarded to a crocheter who has gone above and beyond representing the hook and defending its virtue. Last but so not least, is the Fearless Leader Award. Now that award is mine and mine alone to give, and I often give two of those awards in each award cycle. Normally I award a yarn company or not for profit organization and I try to find a designer that deserves special acclaim. Why? Well, if you were Fearless Leader and could do things at your whim, wouldn’t you exercise it? It’s fun you should try it some time. The voting is for items, publications and popular choice for the goodness of 2010.
This year’s Flamies (named after the Flaming Hook of Justice) voting starts March 15 and runs through March 30th. The award ceremony, hosted by none other than the incomparable Mary Beth Temple on the Getting Loopy Podcast, will take place April 18, 2011.
How you can make the Decade of Crochet fly!
·         Join the CLF on our message board  on and find out about cool crochet happenings
·         Join us and other crocheters on Facebook, Twitter, Ravelry and other social media outlets.
·         Crochet in Public
·         Teach & Take crochet classes
·         Let yarn stores know you crochet! Be fearless and unapologetic about it!
·         Wear the gorgeous items you make
·         Take the surveys on the CLF website so we can use the collective power of our 6,000+ voices to make a difference!
·         Be proud of what you do, even if you’re just learning! Remember skills take time to develop!
·         Post pictures of Ellen’s designs that you have made here in your comments!

Contrary to a great deal of misinformation, crochet has always been cool. Now we just need to step out and show it!

 Guest Blogger:  Laurie Wheeler is that woman someone’s mother warned somebody about…a yarn expert with a crochet passion, Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front, editor, writer, and personal growth instructor. Follow her on Twitter @CrochetLibFront

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