Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Fog out the front...
And fog out the back...
But this fog is easy fog... you can still see the street and we could see past the house.  If the fog was really bad, it would have made for a very un-interesting photo!  We had the worst fog I had ever seen Saturday morning.  The fog tends to collect over the river (the top photo) and the further you travel away from the river the more clear it becomes.  The other day, I experienced the obvious boundary from where the fog was and then suddenly it wasn't... it went from pea soup to completely clear and bright in a span of about 10 feet. Amazing.

Crochet... I'm still plugging away. I admit I am experiencing some sort of "Reveal Withdraw".  It seems like it has been forever since I've gotten to show you a new design.. and yet there are like 20 completed projects out there waiting to to be seen! (not even counting the book!) 

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Mmatilda said...

Really beautiful pictures!!!