Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Repair a Crocheted Granny Square, Part 1

Well, I was preparing this post when I realized just how huge it is going to be, so I broke it up into 2 parts, the second part will come tomorrow. Here we go!

Above, is the tear that I created in the square...

With a tapestry needle, I threaded a "lifeline" in the row above the broken stitch.

With my fingers, I carefully pulled apart the broken stitch and the whole dc-3 cluster, leaving about 4" tail. I unraveled the stitches to where you would normally join new yarn. On the other side I also left a tail. Basically I cut out the smallest amount that I could while allowing an end on each side of the gap for weaving in later.

With a tapestry needle, I threaded the new yarn through all the spaces that the new stitches will have to go. It's the same spaces as the lifeline. I used a cut length of yarn, not a working yarn that is attached to a ball. About a yard.

I pulled through the new yarn through the stitch as if joining any new yarn, leaving a tail for weaving later.

Sorry for the fuzzy photo here. I chained 1 st, just like you would for the granny pattern.

I removed the working hook and got the smallest hook I could find that would grab the yarn (I think this is a D). I threaded the hook through the underside of the dc in the row above, I pulled the working loop of the last chain through those stitches (just where it belongs in the pattern).

Pulled the working loop through.

Put the working hook back in. Pull lots of new yarn out so you can work with it, crochet the new stitches. In this case, 3 dc and a ch-1.

And, you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the rest!


  1. Love the tutorial!! So helpful! Can't wait for the finish tomorrow. Here's a question for some time when you are looking for a post (haha): How can you tell which side is the right side and which is the wrong side? I am vigilant about marking the right side because I just don't know how to tell by sight. Have a great day!!

  2. This is a very good choice for a tutorial. I have not found any others on this topic.

  3. Thanks, I hope you like the tutorial. Hi Haley! Haven't heard from you lately, yes, I'll to address the "right side" "wrong side" issue!